1. Depoist Guarantee

Deposit guarantee

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Information regarding our Deposit Guarantee

Handelsbanken (Norwegian branch of Svenska Handelsbanken AB) is covered by the Swedish deposit guarantee, which is regulated by Swedish law (1995: 1571) on deposit guarantee. The Norwegian branch is also a member of the Norwegian bank guarantee scheme pursuant to section 19-2 of the Financial Undertakings Act, which supplements the Swedish deposit guarantee. The deposit guarantees shall cover losses that a depositor has on deposits that are not specifically exempted according to law and / or regulation, if the bank were unable to meet its obligations to the depositors. The guarantees cover both private individuals, enterprises and other legal entities.

Swedish Deposit Guarantee

The Swedish deposit guarantee amounts to EUR 100,000 per customer per bank. It is possible to apply for an additional amount of up to a maximum of SEK 5,000,000, which includes deposits made over the past 12 months related to certain life events, eg. sale of housing.

Norwegian Deposit Guarantee

The Norwegian deposit guarantee amounts to up to NOK 2,000,000 per customer per bank, and shall cover excess in excess of the Swedish deposit guarantee. In addition, the Norwegian deposit guarantee includes deposits in full which have been made over the past 12 months linked to certain life events, eg. sale of housing. This to ensure that depositors in the Norwegian branch receive protection equivalent to the Norwegian deposit guarantee. Further information on the deposit guarantee, including the procedures in connection with the payment of compensation, can be obtained by contacting the bank.