We work hard to make sure your finances are secure
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We regularly test and update our systems and security routines, and have implemented a number of measures that quickly detect suspicious transactions and other possible criminal attacks against the bank and our customers. If we do find something suspicious we will contact you right away.

If you are exposed to fraud, contact us and report the incident

Contact us immediately if you have been or suspect that you have been exposed to fraud. Also contact us if you have given away sensitive information, or if you have lost your bank card, login token or your phone with BankID.

Cards and BankId

You should never give your PIN code or items connected with BankID to anyone. Call us immediately if your card, token or phone gets stolen or misused.             

Within Norway: 22 39 77 00
Outside Norway: +47 22 39 77 00

Support24 is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information. The scammers can then create new customer relationships in your name. Contact your advisor if you suspect that someone is abusing your identity.

False emails and SMS

False emails and SMS from people acting as apparently legitimate companies is an increasing problem. We will never ask you to give us personal information, login details or similar via email or text message. If you have received an email from Handelsbanken that you suspect is not from us, send it to: