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Anti Money Laundring


Handelsbanken cooperates with the authorities in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. An effective way for the bank to contribute to this is to have knowledge of our customers and their use of financial services. Therefore, we might ask you questions that you experience as unusual. The commitment to anti money laundring is of great importance for us and also a part of your security.

Existing customers

All customers must be prepared to answer questions and are required to display valid credentials. If the bank become aware of new information about the customer or if the customer's behavior pattern changes, existing customers can be asked follow-up questions.

Handelsbanken must be able to document to the authorities that we meet the requirements for ongoing follow-up of existing customer relationships.

New business customers

Businesses must also provide the bank with information about their company and ownership. You will be asked if individuals have direct or indirect ownership of more than 25 percent, or if someone controls the business in other ways.

Representatives of the company or persons with the right of disposal of the company's funds, must legitimize and show evidence that they can represent the company.

Source: Finance Norway's information on Anti Money Laundring

New private customers

Private customers must provide the following information before a customer relationship can be established, and transactions are conducted:

  • Full name
  • Sosial Security number or D-number
  • Permanent address
  • Identification

In addition, the Money Laundering Act imposes the financial industry to aks customers about:

  • The purpose of the customer relationship.
  • If you wish to make bigger transactions you will be asked why.
  • Where the money comes from or what it will be used for.
  • Whether you or any close relative have a high standing or posting abroad.