New Customers

We wish to establish a personal relationship with our customers. Therefore we want to meet at one of our local branches before you become a customer.
Business woman and man in meeting

Are we your bank?

We take financial advisory seriously and will do our best to understand your financial situation, find opportunities for you, and help solve your challenges. Only then can we provide qualified counseling and support.

Your personal advisor and your local branch have decision-making authority, for all decisions regarding you, so only people that know you will be involved. Therefore, the advisor and the local branch are truly your personal bank. You can get counseling for all phases in life, including savings, investment, pension and loans.

Customer benefits at Handelsbanken:

  • Your own Personal Advisor with decision-making authority.
  • Banking services tailored to you.
  • All your financial services in one place.
  • You become a customer at one of the leading financial Groups in the Nordic region.

When you become a customer with us, we arrange the whole process regarding changing of bank for you. We will transfer all of your banking services to us.

How to become a customer

Contact the branch you want to become a customer at, via e-mail or phone, and arrange a meeting. If you become a customer after the meeting, you will be assigned a personal advisor. You advisor will be your point of contact for all your needs.

Because we would like to get to know you, we always have the first meeting face to face. You can not become a customer online at Handelsbanken.