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We will help you reach your goals
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Get an easy start

Your personal advisor would be happy to meet and together with you find the best savings strategy so you can reach your financial goals. In such a meeting, we go through your financial situation, income and expenses, and provide specific advice as to which products and associated risk that best fits your goals.

Smart ways to save your money

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Build a buffer

We recommend to maintain an economic buffer so you can withstand unforeseen expenses. Put aside an achievable amount every month. With time, even a small amount will grow substantial. After you have reached a satisfactory buffer, we usually recommend monthly savings for your children and your pension.

Do it on your own

With Online banking you can perform several banking services yourself, such as creating saving accounts both for you and your children, order new card for your billing account, renaming and organizing your accounts, and of course get full overview of your savings and funds.

Save in mutual funds

If your saving has a long term perspective, fund saving is a favorable option. You can choose anything from interest-only, to shared interest and equity, to equity-only funds.

Talk to your advisor about saving in funds.

Mutual funds

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Mutual funds can provide you with better savings growth, no matter whether you are saving for the shorter or longer term. We have a great selection of mutual funds with different investment strategies.

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Valid and efficient counselling

How to set up an advisory meeting 

If you are uncertain of what is best for you, set up a meeting with your personal advisor.

To make the meeting as beneficial as possible, you should plan the meeting in advance. Some suggestions are:

  1. Think about what kind of information you are seeking. 
    Write down areas that you are uncertain of, or you want to focus on.

  2. Get an overview of your economic situation.
    Log in to the online bank and check your status.
    Set up a simple budget with income, fixed and variable expenses, and any other factors that influence your economy. 

  3. Make a savings plan
    How much do you want to save per month?
    If you save for pension, think about how much you want to get paid when you no longer work?