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Ballonger och 150 års jubileum Ballonger i guld och blått

We turn 150

We've been around for 150 years. Close to you in your everyday life.

Something to celebrate!

Handelsbanken celebrates 150 years

The Handelsbanken company was established on 12 May 1871, 150 years ago. The Bank was formed by a group of people that wanted to change the way banks were run. Their courageous move led to an increased competition between banks in Stockholm and Sweden. 

In those days, our success was all about being brave, adaptable and staying close to our customers. And that is still how we run our bank today. We are very proud to have succeeded to keep this approach for 150 years.

We have you, our customers, to thank. Without you, we would never have been able to develop into the bank we are today. A bank with satisfied customers. 

Become a customer

Great news: Our online and mobile banking services are now available in English

Our customers have asked and we've listened. Both our online banking service and the mobile bank is now available in English. Chose your preferred language when you log in to the online bank, or under settings once you have logged in. The mobile bank will be in English if your phone is set to English.

kvinne med husnøkler

House hunting?

Your advisor knows the local housing market and can assist you through the buying process. Your advisor is also the final decision maker, therefore decision making is personal, transparent, and efficient.

to menn og en kvinne i møte

Want to start saving? 

We can give you an overview of your current savings and create a future plan to reach your investment goals. You get proficient and tailored advices on how to place your savings.

Mobiler med mobilbank

Take the bank with you

Download the newest version of our Mobilbank to keep track of your balances and process your payments on your mobile phone. Our Online Bank is also available on all screens and devices.