1. Customer complaints

Processing of customer complaints

We would like to hear from you if there is something you are not happy with. Our goal is to have Norway's most satisfied bank customers.
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How to complain

We are proud to have so many satisfied customers in Handelsbanken. If you are dissatisfied with something we have done, we want to hear from you. We will use your feedback to improve ourselves, and create even better products and services. These guidelines for complaints also include our subsidiary, Handelsbanken Eiendomskreditt NUF.
  1. Send us your complaint in writing.

    If you are a private customer, send us a message from the mailbox in the online bankOpens in a new window. As a business customer, you use the mailbox in NettbedriftOpens in a new window. Mark the message "Customer complaint". You can upload attachments if you want. 

    If you do not have access to online banking or Nettbedrift, you can contact us at DigipostOpens in a new window. Search for the Handelsbanken Kundeklager, or send a letter (please mark "Customer complaint") to:

    Handelsbanken NUF
    Postboks 1342 Vika
    0113 Oslo

    If you wish to direct a complaint to one of our subsidiaries, SHB Liv Forsikringsselskap or Handelsbanken Liv, we ask that you contact Digipost Handelsbanken Customer Complaints or by post to:

    Handelsbanken Liv
    Postboks 1960 Vika
    0125 Oslo

  2. We make a thorough assessment of your case.
    In order to get a complete picture of the complaint, we will obtain all relevant information in order to make a thorough assessment of it. Complaints are processed continuously.

  3. You should receive an answer with easy-to-understand reasons.

    If we cannot accept your complaint, we will give you a written justification that you can understand.

  4. Contact the Financial Complaints Board or Verdipapirforetakenes Forbunds Etisk Råd.
    If you experience that the complaint cannot be resolved by Handelsbanken, you can contact other bodies.

Contact information external appeal bodies

Finansklagenemda (Financial Complaints Board)
Postboks 53, Skøyen
0212 Oslo
Tlf: 23 13 19 60
www.finkn.noOpens in a new window

Verdipapirforetakenes Forbunds Etisk Råd
Postboks 1501 Vika
0117 Oslo
Tlf: 23 11 17 40
www.vpff.noOpens in a new window

What we do when you send us a complaint