Processing of personal data

Personal information is the information that are linked to you as an individual.

Processing of personal data

Handelsbanken and our subsidiaries treat personal information by the Personal Data Act and the Norwegian Data Inspectorate license terms.

Why do we register personal information?

In order to offer products and services to you as a customer, we are entirely dependent on processing your personal information. We only provide personal information to others if there is a reason for it, for example, to carry out an assignment from you as a customer or to fulfill statutory requirements.

We use personal information for:

  • Customer administration, invoicing and execution of assignments and service agreements.
  • Customer Care and Targeted Marketing.
  • Risk classification of customers and credit portfolios.
  • Prevention and disclosure of criminal offenses.
  • Video recording when use of video surveilance.
  • Voice recording of phone calls and storage of other customer communications in relations to Investment services.

Right of access

Restricted access

You have the right to ask for restricted access, which means that only a limited number of employees have access to your personal information. Contact your advisor if you want restricted access.

Access to personal information

You can access your personal information at any time via the Online Bank. Do you want access to other information about your customer relationship, or you have questions about the processing of personal information, feel free to contact your branch or your advisor.

Processing of personal data at Handelsbanken Liv

Handelsbanken Liv uses personal information for customer management, invoicing and implementation of insurance contracts. 

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us via email: