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International tax reporting for companies (FATCA/CRS)

In accordance with international agreements which Norway has entered into, Handelsbanken is obliged to obtain and register information about where its customers are resident for tax purposes and whether they are US citizens.

Taxpayer identification number (TIN)

We must also request the foreign identification number (TIN) if you are resident outside Norway for tax purposes or if you are a US citizen. Other financial institutions and banks have the same obligation. TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. TIN is the number used by each country to identify the individual. In Norway this is the national identity number. In the US, it is the Social Security Number. 

Why do we ask this?  

The Bank is obliged to report to the Norwegian Tax Administration information about where customers and beneficial owners are resident for tax purposes and whether beneficial owners are US citizens. The Tax Administration then passes this information on to the local tax authorities in the country in question. 

Contact your customer advisor if you have any questions. 

Would you like more information?

Read more information from the Norwegian Tax Administration concerning the regulations and where you can find the TIN number for a specific country.

FATCA («Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act»):

Norway and the USA have entered into an agreement concerning improved international compliance with the tax legislation and implementation of FATCA. The agreements are based on the US FATCA legislation (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).
Source: Norwegian Tax Administration 

CRS («Common Reporting Standard»):

Norway and a number of other countries have a joint agreement regarding automatic exchange of information. The agreements are a framework for an international standard developed by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for automatic exchange of financial information, also known as the Common Reporting Standard or CRS. 
Source: Norwegian Tax Administration