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Digital services

We are available to your company online - anywhere at anytime.
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Banking online

Manage your company's banking transactions online. Our Online Corporate Banking service can be used by any type of business. Use mandates to easily control who's allowed to perform banking transactions on behalf of your company. For cross-border business, you can use our GlobalOn-Line service.
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Banking on the go

With our responsive Nettbedrift service you can manage your everyday bank transactions on the go, using your mobile phone. For employees with Handelsbanken Business cards, the Kortkompis app offers for a quick overview of latest transactions and balance for the accounts connected to the cards.

For your security

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Your trust in Handelsbanken means a lot to us. We are constantly working to improve security for our customers. We carry out regular tests and updates of our systems and we monitor transactions. If we find something unusual, we will contact you immediatly. But there are also things you can do yourself if you are affected, or in order to prevent fraud.

We always make sure we manage your company's and your personal data in a secure way.