Accounts and payments

With the right accounts and easy-to-pay solutions, you can focus on running your business.


      We can offer transaction accounts for everyday business, accounts for surplus cash or a cash pool solution to link companies or currencies.

      Business card

      All company expenses on one card and one invoice. Choose between a debit or a credit card attached to Visa, that you can use for small and large purchases worldwide.

      Simplify your business

      File services, liquidity tips and risk management. We can help you with solutions that can simplify your day-to-day business.

      To get paid

      Get payed as your customer wants to pay . Do you engage in physical commerce, e-commerce or billing your customers? Let us find the right payment solution for your company.

      To pay

      Pay suppliers, salaries, taxes or your business with abroad. Together we can find the services that suit your business, and at the same time you can reduce both risks and costs.